Welcome to Council Grove High School Earth Science!

This wiki is being set up by Mrs. Schroeder as an experiment in students doing their homework. Haha, just kidding. While it is an experiment this year, I sincerely hope to use this page to extend the activities we do during the normal class day.

You will need to provide Mrs. Schroeder with a valid email in order to be invited to edit the wiki and Google map pages. This project will be easier if you set up a separate email account. I highly recommend gmailsince we will be using Google Maps and Google Earth...AND, if you didn't know, Google has a lot of resources available to help you stay organized at school....more on that later.

1. Only constructive, well thought out and informed input is welcome. Any contributions that are inappropriate or incorrect will be either removed or corrected by students or their teacher.
2. Links to external sites relevant to a particular topic are welcome.
3. Links to news articles, websites, blogs or other wikis (such as Wikipedia) can be included in an edit if it is deemed to be useful in understanding the topic.
4. Pictures or videos relating to the topics being studies may be added to a page, but only if they are appropriate to the page's topic.
5. When you edit an entry, be sure to add your initials in parentheses.

General Instructions for editing Wiki pages